disc6 Flexibility In A Walk

  • 双步跳法two down per step 或者接触帧和过渡帧为低位,中间帧为高位效果也是相似。


  • tilt the shoulders
  • tilt the hips in the opposite direction
  • bend the body on the extremes
  • “break” the leg
  • tile the head
  • delay the tilt of the head on the passing position


  • the move of head
  • break the leg then drag the hand
  • break the elbow joint
  • move the shoulder back and forth in an arc



watch your arc!


如何控制重量感Weight Shift

  • added belt line




  • contact position 1,13,25sheet
  • head side on,  left , right
  • shoulders oppose hips / back arms is down front arm is up /body twists sideways and twits back .
  • feet twist/ are off the parallel
  • passing position 7,19 sheet,
  • haed is up/
  • right shoulde is high /left …
  • 尝试他变成个胖子的变化
  • 有头发后又是什么样


所有的变化创新只为“更好” 站在大师的肩膀上去累积经验。不是依葫芦画瓢的模仿,而是学习他们几十年间得出的规律,原则。

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