Positive.Psychology lesson 1

Question create reality.

the question we ask very often determine the quest that we will pursue,the path that we wil take,the life that we will live, whether it’s individually, whether it’s interpersonally, whether it’s organizationally.what is the question?….”what’s wrong?what can we improve?””what r the weaknesses that we need to strengthen them?”Again,important Qs to ask,But u only ask these Qs,then u r  ignoring the strengths, the virtues of the organization.And what u r doing, u r enervating, u r weakening the organization over time.

It is important to appreciate what is good.APPRECIATE:two meanings: first meaning: to say thank you for something, not to take it for granted.of course we shouldn’t take for granted our virtues,our successes, we shouldn’t take for granted others, that’s a nice thing to do.But appreciate has a second meaning, which is to grow(增值).Money appreciates in the bank.The economy hopefully appreciates.When we appreciate the good,the good appreciates–the good grows.Unfortunately,the other side of the same coin applies as well.when we don’t appreciate the good, when we take it for granted, the good depreciates(贬值).

(怎样让学生留在校园里更久一些?)Marva Collins:

things are going to be different.

we are going to do a lot of believing in ourselves.

Take responsibility for your life. stop blaming .stop blaming the government/your teachers/your parents. It is up to you to succeed.

Positive Learning

i think i did pretty wonderful.i think i’m bright. i think i am unique.and i’ll teach every child of me to think that.When they misbehave, their punishment is they have to write 100 reasons why they are too wonderful to do what they are doing.And they have to be alpha order.

i am adorable.我可爱

i am beautiful.我漂亮

i am courageous.我有勇气

i am delightful.我令人快乐

i am effervescent.我很兴奋

i am fabulous.我很厉害

i am heavenly.

i am idolized.

i am just wonderful.

i am a kindred spirit.

i am lovable.

i am momentous.

i am never never under line.我从不调皮


(i’m tired of telling Ms. Collins how wonderful i am.)www

*If my girlfriend leave me:

……And results, very few results.because i wallow in illumination and self-pity 很少有结果,因为沉迷于反思和自怜。

i take action. i take responsibility. i go on to places after expericencing the pain. i go out there to places where i will meet someone……the result—-we will talk about research on self-perception theory.I’ll take action and action will increase our level of confidence and then more hope and optimism is a result.(这么简单?)

it is your responsibility to make the most out of this class.it’s your responsibility to do it in section.it is your responsibility to make it.in secion next week when they start to meet is “How can you make this an excellent sections?””Whan can you do ?””What can you bring?””What strength can you bring into the section so that it’s an excellent section?”Taking responsibility for it.

take responsibility for your life is recognizing understanding that no one is coming.No one is coming to make your life better for you.You are responsible for your life, for your self-confidence, for your self-esteem, for your happiness.

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